Anker UAE

The advantages of using an efficient ground anchor system

Atlant anchor systems have diverse experience in handling and installing all kinds of anchor systems and equipment. Already well established as a global market leader, we are now strengthening our presence in the UAE. With certified equipment that guarantees maximum durability and efficiency, you can rest assured you have the best experience on choosing Atlant anchor systems.


Ground anchor systems can either provide temporary or permanent support to buildings, structures, slopes, among others. The anchoring equipment that we offer come in diverse sizes and capacity, making them ideal to fit any anchoring contract or requirement. Depending on the ground conditions and requirements, the concrete anchors can be installed either by hand or by using supporting equipment and techniques like drill rigs or jet grouting. Being lightweight and resistant to corrosion, they do not need constant maintenance or repair.  With a team of well-trained professionals having versatile experience, no job is too big for Atlant Anchor systems in the UAE.

The benefits of using an Anchoring system

  • Compared to propping and other conventional methods of supporting buildings or structures, using anchor shoring equipment is more efficient and durable.
  • For soil retention in areas prone to landslides or in cases of steep slopes, using ground anchors can provide efficient long lasting results.
  • Anchors come in all shapes and sizes making them an ideal solution for any requirement. Permanent anchors can even be used to support large buildings including dams, ports, and bridges. They have diverse applications in civil engineering and are commonly used.
  • Can be tailored according to the need – For buildings like circus tents and makeshift homes that keep changing locations frequently, temporary anchors can be used as a support due to their quick and easy installation.
  • The anchor systems can be used in any soil or ground conditions and can be tuned to bear high loads. The versatile nature of the equipment makes it highly beneficial for use in any situation.
  • Anchor piles or other similar equipment can be synchronously used to bear any load in any angle.


Atlant Anchor systems offer only the best in class equipment and technology that cater to all your anchoring needs. By using our software company, any geotechnical calculations of any difficulty or complexity can be solved efficiently before proceeding with any installation or analysis.  You can contact us for any anchoring requirement in UAE and get a consultation to better understand our services and how it can help you.