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Having many applications and uses, soil anchors today are in great demand all around the world. Atlant Anchor Systems is a global market leader when it comes to supplying the best Anchor systems along with supporting equipment. All the equipment that we offer is fully certified and of the highest quality. With our services now extended to turkey, you can now contact us for all your anchoring contracts and requirements. We have diverse equipment that can serve both temporary and permanent anchoring requirements.  You can rest assured you get the best in quality and efficiency on choosing us.

The applications and uses of soil anchors

Ground Anchors can be used for multiple applications and uses ranging from:

  • Environmental Damage – To ensure soil retention in areas having steep slopes or extreme erosion, temporary anchor solutions can help you get maximum efficiency. In soft or loose soil, jet grouting can be used to increase the pile diameter thus ensuring maximum bearing capacity. Permanent anchors can also be utilized to protect areas in the case of landslides, heavy rain, and other similar environmental conditions.
  • Providing support to buildings and houses- Having versatile applications in the civil field, anchor shoring equipment is used to provide support to buildings and similar structures to offer maximum protection.
  • Civil applications – For larger structures like bridges, lighthouses, among others, traditional options might fail to efficiently provide support. In such cases, making use of concrete anchors or ground anchors can give you the most efficient results. The equipment can also be rigged to provide permanent solutions that can prove beneficial in the long run.
  • Support to temporary structures – In the case of temporary buildings like circus tents, using piles and micropiles for the soil anchor installation can give you quick support and best results.

No matter what your requirement is, experts at Atlant anchors can analyze and provide the most efficient solutions for you. We also have a state-of-the-art software company that can make any geological or technical calculations before proceeding with the anchor installation projects. For all your anchoring needs in Turkey, contact us to get a free consultation and efficient solutions with a minimized turn around time. Atlant anchors also provide all the supporting equipment and technology needed to make your project run smoothly and efficiently. With well-trained professionals and best-in-class equipment, we can provide effective solutions for all your needs and requirements.