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What are the advantages of using multi-strand anchors?

Multi-strand anchors are widely used as anchoring equipment due to their versatile nature and diverse applications. The strands are high tensile cables mainly made of steel and can be used in conjunction to form cohesive anchors. They can be installed using different techniques including jet grouting, breathing pipes, spacers, among others.

Due to their versatile nature, they can be used as both permanent and temporary anchors. Multi-strand anchors are used commonly as ground anchors as they are highly efficient and durable. The main advantage in using a multi-strand anchor is the versatility of the strands used. They can be customized and tailored to fit any required length. Concurrently, to increase the load bearing capacity, any number of strands can be used together to produce the best results.

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Ground anchors have varying applications depending on the requirement. However, they are most commonly used to provide support and reinforce buildings or structures. On using the concrete anchor systems, buildings including bridges, towers, and similar structures can be strengthened and reinforced in an efficient manner. Temporary anchors can also be used to support excavation activities in civil or archaeological sites.

In areas having loose soil due to high erosion or steep slopers, jet grouting equipment can be used to install the anchors in place thus helping in soil retention.

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