Anker Lithuania

Using anchor piles for reinforcing foundations

When it comes to using piles and micropiles equipment, Atlant anchor systems offer the best in class quality and durability. All the equipment is fully certified and tested to provide maximum efficiency. We have a well-trained team of experienced professionals who can install the piles with a minimum turnaround time suitable for any anchoring requirement or needs. We now supply ground anchor equipment to Lithuania along with supporting technology for installation and implementation. With vast experience and knowledge, we have already established ourselves as a market leader in anchoring technology. Therefore, you can contact us for all your anchor shoring needs and requirements in Lithuania.

Piles and micropiles have varying applications depending on the requirement of the user. Mostly commonly used reinforcing buildings and towers by providing a strong deep foundation, they can also be used in other situations including soil retention or for creating temporary anchors. Jet grouting can also be used to reinforced areas having loose soil or steep slopes.


Depending on the composition and nature of materials, piles are classified as concrete anchors, timber, steel or composite piles.

Depending on the function of the piles, they can be classified as follows:

  1. End bearing Piles- They transfer load from soft soil layers or water to harder layers of soil having a larger load-bearing capacity.
  2. Friction piles – They transfer load along the length of the piles using surface friction.
  3. Tension Piles – They are used to anchor down structures and resist uplift forces which can cause the structure to be extracted from the ground.
  4. Anchor Piles- They are used to resist horizontal forces acting on the structure. They are commonly used as temporary anchors for structures that require support.
  5. Compaction/ Cohesion piles -By drilling piles in proximity into the ground, the load can be transferred by friction to deeper stable layers of the soil. Driving piles in proximity also stabilize the soil and prove to be efficient ground anchor systems.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are other piles systems that are available in the market today. Atlant Anchor systems offer diverse equipment and technology that can serve all your anchoring needs and requirements in Lithuania. Through our own software company, we can also perform calculations or computations that are geotechnical before determining any solutions. Therefore, you can rest assured you get the best in quality and services on choosing Atlant anchor systems for all your anchoring contracts.