Anker Latvia

Using anchor piles and micropiles for civil engineering applications

To overcome the shortcomings that traditional anchor systems have, using anchor piles and micropiles equipment is the most efficient solution. Composed of high strength steel and grout, they can be installed in the soil to a depth of up to 200 feet and diameter varying from 5-12 inches. They work by simply transferring the load from the surface to more competent and stable layers of the soil. The load is normally transferred through the steel bars and grout of the micropile equipment to the surrounding soil or rock.

Being a versatile solution, they are used in areas that are restricted by man-made or natural structures. In the civil field, they are used to replace outdated foundation and support large structures by providing concrete anchor solutions. They can be installed without causing any damage or impact to nearby adjacent structures and are thus efficient in their functionality.

They are also widely used in soil retention programs in situations including embankments, steep slopes or areas prone to high erosion. As they are relatively easy to install and have diverse applications, they are commonly used as ground anchor systems.

Anchor piles can also be used to provide deep foundational support to buildings where shallow layers of soil have lesser load bearing capacity. Depending on the setup and arrangement of the anchor piles, buildings and areas can be reinforced in an efficient manner.


In areas having loose soil and low load-bearing capacity, jet grouting and temporary anchors can be used to reinforce the foundation and maximize the efficiency of the anchor systems. These anchor shoring equipment can also be used to support excavation activities or structure renovations that use heavy machinery.


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