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Using the leaders in anchoring equipment for best results

Anchors are mainly equipment used for soil retention or stabilization. In areas having steep slopes, loose soil or soil impacted by high corrosion, ground anchor equipment is used to stabilize and reinforce the structure. Concrete anchors also have applications in reinforcing larger buildings including bridges, buildings, towers, among others.

Atlant anchor systems are the global market leaders when it comes to anchoring equipment and supporting technology required for installation. Having vast experience in diverse situations, we can handle any requirement today when it comes to soil anchoring. For all your anchoring needs and contracts in Jordan, you can contact Atlant to get the most efficient solutions.

Why choose Atlant anchors?

Backed by a well-trained team of professionals, no job is too big for Atlant anchors in Jordan. We only use certified equipment and anchors that can give you long-lasting results without compromising on quality or price.

We also have an in-house software company, who can compute complicated geotechnical calculations in a short span of time. Equipped with the latest in technology and state-of-the-art tools, we are capable of handling any requirement when it comes to soil anchoring.

Additionally, we have vast experience in providing ground anchor solutions due to which we can determine the most efficient solution for your project.

Understanding your requirement

There are different types of anchors available today that can serve diverse applications. Depending on the requirement, temporary anchors can also be used to reinforce soil structures for up to 2 years. Permanent anchors are also available that can provide long-term solutions when it comes to anchoring.

Firstly, it is important to analyze the requirement before determining a solution. Various factors have to be taken into consideration like the strength and nature of the soil, the load of the structure that needs to be supported and other similar factors. Once this is done, calculations must be done to determine the right type of concrete anchors that can fulfill the requirement most efficiently. Jet grouting and other similar techniques can also be used in conjunction with piles and micropiles systems to get the best results.

Atlant anchor systems offer diverse anchor shoring equipment which can serve any purpose or need according to the requirement. Therefore, choosing us for your contracts and requirements in Jordan can help you get the most efficient results which are durable and cost-effective. You can contact us to get consultation and solutions for your anchoring needs in Jordan.