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What are the pros and cons of using jet grouting procedures?

Jet Grouting is a commonly used soil retention procedure that can be used in challenging conditions including steep slopes or loose soil. It is versatile and has diverse applications due to which there is a high demand for the grouting procedure and equipment all over the world. Atlant anchors have experience in using jet grouting procedures for the installation and setup of ground anchors. Backed up by a team of well-trained professionals, we can handle any requirement or needs. We are now supplying anchoring equipment and services to Israel. You can rest assured you get the best in quality and services on choosing us for all your soil anchor needs and requirements in Israel.

The process of jet grouting

Jet grouting involves the injection of a fluid into the soil surface under high pressure and velocity. Before the injection, the target site needs to be prepared and conditioned for the grouting procedure. Once the grouted fuel is injected, it gets hardened thus forming jet columns acting as pillars. Multiple jet columns can be installed in the soil as per the requirement for efficient soil retention.

The preparation of the target site is done by drilling the soil to form hollow columns of the required size and length. The injection equipment can then be used to fill the column with the grouted liquid which gets hardened after injection. Atlant anchor systems provide all supporting equipment for the procedure including drill rigs, anchor shoring equipment, piles, micropiles, among others


Jet grouting procedures provide for some of the best ground anchor techniques with diverse applications in different areas. They have various advantages over other methods including the ability to work in confined or restricted space.

The main applications of jet grouting are listed as follows:

  • Excavation activities -Jet grouting and concrete anchors can be used to support excavating activities and processes without damaging nearby areas.
  • Can continually improve load-bearing capacity and functionality – The columns can be added on will and increased in number to support higher functions and cover large ground areas without causing any damage.
  • Tunneling – Using grouting equipment and techniques, tunneling areas can be stabilized and reinforced.
  • Additionally, grouting techniques can be used to implement temporary anchors for controlling and restricting ground water flow and other similar applications.

No matter what your requirement is, Atlant anchor systems have ample experience in deploying and installing high-quality anchoring equipment in Israel. We can also compute geotechnical problems and calculations using our own software company, You can contact us to know more about how our services can help fulfill your anchoring requirements.