Anker Iran

Providing temporary or permanent support systems using Anchors

Having wide applications globally, anchoring systems have been used for hundreds of years to provide support and reinforce buildings, dams, bridges and other similar structures. The anchor equipment normally consists of two parts i.e. a tendon and the anchorage. Multiple high tensile steel strands, steel bars or hollow bars can be used as tendons. The anchors run hundreds of feet into the ground and can support load depending on the setup. Multiple anchors can be used synchronously to increase the load bearing capacity. Anchor systems vary mainly in setup and type and can be used accordingly depending on the requirement.

Atlant anchor systems have vast experience in the installation and setup of anchoring equipment for any contracts or requirements. With a responsive team of trained professionals, we can cater to any needs regardless of the complexity. We have now extended our presence into Iran and are supplying the best quality anchoring equipment and technology. You can rest assured you make the most of your investment when choosing us for your Anchor systems requirement.

What are anchor systems generally used for?

Having diverse applications, ground anchors today are used for different requirements and purposes. They can also be modified and used in conjunction with other equipment to serve complex requirements.

Anchor shoring equipment has massive applications in the civil and construction field and has been used for hundreds of years to provide efficient results in reinforcing structures. Starting from the foundation of massive buildings including towers, lighthouses, and skyscrapers to smaller temporary structures, concrete anchors can serve any purpose.

Temporary anchors can also be used to provide quick and immediate solutions for erecting temporary buildings.

This equipment also has applications in soil retention and protection in situations like landslides or steep slopes. Atlant anchor systems provide all anchoring equipment which is fully certified along with supporting equipment for installation including drill rigs, piles, micropiles, jet grouting systems, among others.

Why choose us?

Already well established as a global leader in anchoring equipment, we have proven our worth by consistently providing the best-in-class equipment and services for years. In complex requirements and situations, we have our own software company that can perform and compute complicated technical calculations in a short span of time before proceeding with the installation or setup. This can help you get the most efficient solutions tailored to your requirements. You can contact us for a personal consultation to better understand how we can help you with your contract. With Atlant services now in Iran, you can contact us for all your anchoring contracts and needs.