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Ground Anchor Systems

A leader in anchoring systems and equipment, Atlant Anchor System offers comprehensive solutions for all your soil anchoring needs. With certified equipment and a team of well trained professionals, we offer best in class services and efficiency for all your anchoring contracts and requirements. After proving our worth as a global market leader, we are now extending our reach into Egypt by supplying high quality equipment and anchoring tools.

What are soil anchors?

Mainly used in the civil and construction field, concrete anchors are used to provide structural support for walls, buildings, foundations and other similar structures. They can also be used to support and retain larger objects including underground tunnels, bridges and other similar structures. Due to their versatile nature, the applications of the anchors extend even to soil retention and stabilization in situations including landslides, steep slopes, and extreme cases of soil erosion.

The main purpose of the anchor shoring equipment is to strengthen the foundation and support to buildings or structures in situations like loose soil, high slope, erosion and other similar conditions.

The different type of anchors available

Depending on the type and purpose of the equipment, Atlant anchors offer many solutions for your soil anchoring needs

Firstly, anchors can be classified on their durability as temporary anchors or permanent anchors. Any anchor system that can provide support for more than 2 years is generally referred to as a permanent anchor.

Depending on the type of fixation to the ground, anchors can also be classified as complex, frictional or ground pressure.

The anchors can also be strengthened and reinforced using jet grouting and other similar methods that can add support to the anchor.

Atlant Anchor Systems uses high quality steel that offers high durability and efficiency in the long run for all your anchoring needs. We also offer all the additional equipment and accessories needed to install the anchors including drill rigs, threaded anchor piles and micro piles, among others.

Why choose professionals for your anchoring needs?

At Atlant Anchor systems, we have diverse expertise and knowledge in anchoring systems. By using only the best in class equipment and high quality materials, we provide durable long lasting solutions regardless of your requirement. With a responsive support team ready to assist you with any query and minimum turnaround time for your contracts, you can rest assured you get the best of your time and money. With our presence now extended to Egypt, choosing us will be the best decision you can make for your anchoring needs and equipment.