What are anchor systems typically used for?

Having varying purposes, ground anchor equipment today have diverse applications that extend to many fields including civil, environmental, among others. The most common purpose of the anchor is to stabilize the soil condition and help in reinforcing or strengthening adjoining buildings or structures.

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Concrete anchors are commonly used to reinforce foundations and provide support to buildings both small and large. They can be installed without damaging any nearby structures or areas making them efficient and versatile as ground anchors. In challenging situations where there is confined space or unfavorable soil conditions in Belarus, you can make use of piles and micropiles anchors to get efficient results in anchoring. Piles can be installed accordingly to anchor down structures and protect them from forces acting on any direction making them versatile for use. Anchor shoring equipment can also be used to support large scale activities like the construction of bridges, tunnels, and other similar heavy structures. Temporary anchors also have applications in soil retention and stabilization by using techniques like jet grouting.

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