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ATLANT- Anchor Systems is the only company in Russia that produce a complete set of equipment and tools for installation of soil anchors: drill rigs, injection plants for mixing and grouting of cement, threaded anchor piles ATLANT and accessories. Main feature of ATLANT self-drilling threaded anchors is combination of hole drilling and reinforcing of anchor. Threaded surface of pipe rods ensures reliable contact of anchor with cement in its root section. ATLANT threaded anchors are successfully applied by leading construction companies for reinforcement of pit walls, stabilisation of landslides and slopes at construction of roads in the South of Russia, reinforcement of retained walls, reinforcement of rock mass at construction of railway tunnels and subway tunnels, foundation reinforcement. ATLANT anchors were used at construction of Olympic objects, “Vostochniy” harbour in the Far East, Moscow subway etc. We always have in stock in Russia up to 30 000 linear meters(r.m.) different nominal sizes of anchor rods are always in stock. All ATLANT anchors are certified.